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Having issues with your siding 'melting'

We have seen issues from reflected sun damaging siding.  Bushes may help diffuse some of it, but an owner shared this info from Sherman Williams.  While the HOA makes no claims about this info, some owners may find it helpful and should get more info before proceeding.  You may also discuss with your neighbor putting up a film on the window to cut down on the reflection to your siding

If you are putting siding on a house- it has a light reflective value and you shouldn’t use anything lower than 55. When choosing paint- on the back of the chip there is a number-between 1 and 100 (100 being the best) which is the light reflective value. Our old paint was a 41, the new paint is 78.

There’s no guarantee that this will never happen again but the chances are less. When the houses are this close to each other the light reflective value needs to be higher.